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O Consulado Honorário funciona em regime de voluntariado (sem remuneração) e existe principalmente para servir a comunidade portuguesa da Nova Zelândia.
The Honorary Consulate is a voluntary post (not funded), that exists principally to assist the Portuguese community of New Zealand.

O Consulado Honorário em Auckland vai estar encerrado a partit de 15 de junho de 2019.
The Honorary Consulate in Auckland will be closed after 15 June 2019.

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When Portuguese citizens change their official residence in their citizens' card to a New Zealand address, the enrolment is automatically updated with the declared New Zealand address.

Likewise, when a voter enrolled in New Zealand applies for a citizens' card in Portugal and declares a Portuguese address in the card, the voter is automatically enrolled in Portugal and needs to request a change in New Zealand.

To enrol as a voter in New Zealand (if an address in this country was not declared in the citizens' card) you need to make an appointment to appear in person at the Honorary Consulate in Auckland, presenting your current Portuguese ID plus evidence of residence, for example a rates, rent or utility bill. For more detailed information (in Portuguese) please consult

Enrolment is suspended 60 days before every election and resumes on the day following the election.

Postal voting is allowed for some elections, for example for Parliament, but for others, like those for President of the Republic, the vote needs to be cast in person at the Consulate in Sydney.