Republica Portuguesa Consulado Honorário de Portugal
P O Box 201 080, Auckland 2150, New Zealand • 20 Verissimo Drive, Mangere [Map]
Tel (09) 255 2569 • Email

O Consulado Honorário funciona em regime de voluntariado (sem remuneração ou ajudas de custo) e existe principalmente para servir a comunidade portuguesa da Nova Zelândia.
The Honorary Consulate is a voluntary post (not funded), that exists principally to assist the Portuguese community of New Zealand.

O equipamento de recolha de dados biométricos para passaportes já foi instalado e podem-se agora fazer marcações para renovar passaportes em Auckland. Informação sobre renovações encontra-se nesta página.

The biometric data collection equipment for passports has been installed and you can now make an appointment to renew your passport in Auckland. Information on renewals is on this page.

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To deal with some legal matters in Portugal, such as real estate transactions, it is sometimes necessary to give someone (usually a lawyer) a power of attorney. That document, known in Portuguese as a "procuração", can be drawn up by the Honorary Consul in Auckland and must be signed in his presence.

The fee is $90, payable in cash, by a cheque made out to "Portuguese Consulate" or by direct banking deposit to account number 02-0191-0322861-01. There are no EFTPOS or credit card facilities.

Attendance in Auckland is by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact the Consulate by telephone (09) 255 2569 or email

The document must be drafted by the lawyer involved. The Honorary Consul cannot provide legal advice or create the legal document, only witness it.

The draft should be specific to the stated aims and the powers granted must not exceed those reasonably necessary to achieve those aims. For example, the document should empower A to represent B in the sale of property X, but should not be a general power for A to act for B on all matters.

The draft should be emailed to the Honorary Consul in computer-readable format, for example Microsoft Word or text. Documents in other formats, for example images or PDF, may require the Consulate to use a translation/typing service, subject to additional costs.