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O Consulado Honorário funciona em regime de voluntariado (sem remuneração) e existe principalmente para servir a comunidade portuguesa da Nova Zelândia.
The Honorary Consulate is a voluntary post (not funded), that exists principally to assist the Portuguese community of New Zealand.

O Consulado Honorário em Auckland vai estar encerrado a partit de 15 de junho de 2019.
The Honorary Consulate in Auckland will be closed after 15 June 2019.

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Portuguese citizens wanting to migrate to New Zealand should consult the leaflet 'Trabalhar no Estrageiro' in the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website.

Holders of Portuguese passports can enter New Zealand as tourists without a visa for periods not exceeding 90 days. To stay longer or to work or study, they need to obtain a visa. New Zealand employers cannot, by law, employ foreigners who do not hold a visa.

Travellers should not enter as tourists while intending to seek work. If the Immigration Officers have grounds to suspect that a traveller intends to work, they may refuse entry and deport the traveller back to origin.

All relevant information on visas can be found in You can apply for your visa in that website, without having to visit the New Zealand Embassy.

Generally, you will not need to employ immigration consultants but, if you decide to employ one, you will need to ensure that he or she is licensed to perform that task. The Honorary Consul is not licensed to act as an immigration consult and is therefore legally prevented from providing immigration advice. A list of licensed consultants can be found in

The Portuguese community is New Zealand is relatively small. Most Portuguese reside in Auckland. There are no Portuguese schools, churches or restaurants. The closest Portuguese communities are in Sydney and Melbourne (about four hours flying time).

To look for employment opportunities, we suggest To check housing and merchandise prices, we suggest and For general information about the country, look up

Portuguese academic qualifications are not generally recognised. For example, doctors, architects and lawyers cannot practise their professions until they obtain equivalence for their degrees from a New Zealand University.